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What is a Faucet?

A faucet is any device for controlling the flow of liquid by opening or closing an orifice. The faucet has a history that traces back to ancient times. As early as 1700 B.C. faucets were being utilized to control the flow of water. The Romans used faucets to control water to fountains, public and private baths.

The Four most Common Types of Faucets

The four different types of faucets on the market today are compression, ball, cartridge and disc. The compression faucet has been around the longest. It has two separate handles one for cold water and one for hot water. The ball faucet has a ball located at the base of the faucet’s spout and are easily distinguished by having only one handle. The cartridge faucet is a unique and universal design. The handle lifts up to turn on and back down to shut off and side to side for cold or hot water. The disc faucet is the newest faucet on the market today.  The faucet has ceramic discs inside that slide on top of one another to control the flow of the water. This type of faucet can have one or two handles for hot and cold water.

Faucet Mounting Types

There are different types of mountings for different types of faucets, not all faucet types will work with every basin or sink. There are many different types of faucet mountings such as single hole, wall mount, back splash, center set, and widespread.

Faucet Color and Finish

Faucet color and finish are now available in a wide range. Faucet color and finish was once overlooked but now it has become an important design element. You can now coordinate your faucet color and finish with the rest your accessories like your cabinet handles, knobs, towel bars and even kitchen appliances to name a few. Faucet colors and finishes come in a wide range; chrome (polished, brushed or matted), stainless steel, nickel (pearl, brushed), bronze (oil rubbed), copper, gold, black, white, brass (polished, antique) or even mixed finishes and colors.

Faucet Repair, Replacement and Installation

When repairing, installing, or replacing a faucet Pro Craft Plumbing recommends that you have a licensed certified plumber take care of it for you. A faucet is attached to your home or business plumbing water system, if done incorrectly they can leak–ruining your cabinet, and creating mold and mildew.  Faucets have greatly evolved over the years now having touchless faucets (motion sensing), touch activated and metering faucets.  With so many choices on the market today it can be a little overwhelming for a home owner or business. If you are in need of faucet repair, replacement or installation or need help in picking out the correct faucet, give us a call. A licensed plumber is always available to take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

“We’re here to work around your schedule.”