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Keeping Your Kitchen Odor Free Starts with the Plumbing

Having a garbage disposal installed or replaced in your house is a great idea. It grinds the food waste from scrap or uneaten food into small pieces that can pass through the plumbing system easily. By using a garbage disposal you will use fewer trash bags, that are not biodegradable and keep your trash can smelling better. Garbage disposal are very commonly used throughout United States households today. They are less than 50 cents a year to operate and use only use 1% of the house hold water consumption a year.

Installing a garbage disposal is also great for the environment. It is estimated that 32 million tons and 20% of all solid waste that are sent to landfills are food scraps, generated in the United States today.

Decomposing food scraps produce methane gases that are more than 20 times stronger than carbon dioxide gases. Methane gas produces a greenhouse effect which traps heat in our earth’s atmosphere.

The food waste ground up in your garbage disposal can be reused to create renewable energy and fertilizer. If the ground up food waste goes through your sewer system to the local municipal treatment plant processing facility. The treated sludge or bio solids can be processed into fertilizer. The methane gas created during the waste water process can be harnessed and used to generate power or electricity.

Installation of a garbage disposal can be somewhat tasking and should be done by a professional. If you need a garbage disposal installed or replaced give us a call. Pro Craft Plumbing will have a plumber go over the different models and help recommend the correct garbage disposal for you.

Pro Craft Plumbing highly recommends Insinkerator garbage disposals, due to their superior quality and excellent customer service.