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Drain Back Ups

Common Causes of a Drain Line Backup

Foreign Objects or Debris such as disposable wipes, paper towels, sanitary napkins (feminine hygiene products), hair, grease, etc… The debris is too large for the drain line to handle and these are some of the most common causes of a drain line backup.

Tree Roots enter the drain line looking for water, through cracks or failed joints. Once inside the drain line the roots can feed and grow. The tree roots can then expand and block the drain line. Tree roots can also expand, cracking the sewer line causing more severe damage to the plumbing drain line system.

Drain Line Piping Deficiencies can also be a factor in drain line backups. If the sewer line pipe is misaligned, back pitched, collapsed or even has a bow or belly it can cause the sewage waste not to drain properly causing a backup.

What to Do When Drain Line Backs Up

Identify the severity of the backup. Is it contained to one fixture, your sink, toilet, floor drain, bathtub, etc… Is it one side of the home or business or just one bathroom group that is backed up? Or is it a main line backup, where the home or business is not draining? The drain line system is a lot like a tree. There’s a main trunk line that comes out of the building and the canopy or house has branch lines that come of it, running from your fixtures. Water seeks its own level. If you have a main line backup STOP RUNNING THE WATER. Try and locate your building clean out. It is outside the home or business usually three feet off the foundation of the building. If you can open it, it might relieve the backed up SEWAGE PRESSURE on the home or business until you get a plumber out to fix your problem.

Calling a Certified Licensed Plumber

Pro Craft Plumbing technicians have been fully trained and certified on these types of plumbing issues that you might have with a home or business plumbing drain system. Our plumbers come fully equipped with state of the art drain cleaning machines with an assortment of drain auger cable attachments to cut through tree Roots, retrieve foreign objects or debris, break up grease, etc… Our plumbers will always identify why a part of a plumbing system has failed and recommend the corrective action that needs to be taken, at a reasonable price. If your drain lines are backed up and you need to have them cleaned out, give us a call. A licensed plumber is always available to take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

“We’re here to work around your schedule.”

What is a Drain Line Backup?

A drain line backup is when debris or waste sewage has obstructed a home or business plumbing drain line system, which results in slow-moving drains or clogged fixtures. If you are a homeowner or business a drain line backup is something you would prefer to avoid at all costs. A drain line backup is an unsanitary condition to be in.